Drop shipping: a good business or a scam?

In recent years, drop shipping has been the subject of much discussion. Many people claim that it is a scam, thus sowing doubt in the hearts of those who want to start in this field. Is it a profitable business or just a bluff? This article will tell you more.

What is drop shipping?

It is a business that consists of selling products belonging to another. The person who does drop shipping does not have the items he offers in stock. He simply creates an e-commerce site. Then he offers the product at a price that suits him, and advertises it. Customers will then go to his site to place orders, leaving their delivery details. He will then contact the supplier who will take care of the delivery. He thus recovers a good margin by acting as a sales intermediary.

Is it a scam?

Many controversies have been created around this online business. Let us now lift the veil with the following simple example. At least once, we have ordered products from sites such as Amazon or eBay. Indeed, you should know that the latter only do drop shipping. They give visibility to products that are not theirs and make significant profits on the various purchases made by customers. So you realise that far from any ideas of scams, this is a revolutionary business model.

A business with many benefits

In 2018, drop shipping sales generated 78 billion euros. And that's in France alone. It is free for everyone to get started and take advantage of the great generating capacity of this business. No matter where you are in the world, you can start your drop shipping business from your computer. A small investment is all you need to get started. You don't have to report to anyone, because you are the boss. All you have to do is develop the best SEO strategy or appear on a yellow page to attract many possible customers and you can become rich.